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    موضوع به عدم تعادل اندوکتیو مسیرهای مختلف بر می گردد که با ارنج مناسب کابلها مشکل قابل تقلیل است. لطفاً به متن زیر توجه کنید. Cable installations for three-phase systems consisting of parallel single-core cable circuits carry different currents due to inductive coupling. Supplementary installed additional conductors grounded on both ends show several beneficial effects: balanced outer conductor currents, improved throughput load, and reduced current-dependent losses. With cables laid in free air, additional conductors are especially economical. Cables can be installed in parallel if they have: – equal cross section – conductor cross section 10 mm2 or more – equal lengths – the same type and have a common protection – the same class of temperature. Parallel connected single core cables are to be laid together and in such way that necessary ventilation is provided. Parallel connection of flexible cables is not permitted. The total current rating must not be higher than the sum of the current rating for individual cables. Recommended method for cable installation on horizontal or vertical supports is shown in the table below. The references L1, L2, L3 indicate the location of the respective phase conductor.