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Electrical riddle no.9 – Electrochemical corrosion

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      According to some technical recommendation, we must concern about metal under ground structures (e.g. pipe lines) corrosion in neighbor of power transmission lines.

      Sinusoidal high current elements can produce eddy induced currents in their surroundings .The eddy currents in electrical path around of power lines are AC type inherently. On the other hand, according to electrochemical fundamental laws, the AC induced current can not be caused any oxidation or corrosion effects.

      How can you explain the reason of that recommendation?

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        Alternating currents influence on metal structures can be hazardous. There can be significant safety concerns. Please refer to this link. Also refer to numerous other NACE articles. Engage a corrosion engineer who is a member of NACE. “http://www.nace.org/nace/content/library/community/safety/SafetyNearPowerlines.pdf


          This is not the 100% answer, only a partial one. Most metals oxidize from moisture, chemical salts, etc. and those oxides together with the metal itself can form a diode which then rectifies the ac into dc. Many of us have listened to am radio on lead power cables by this phenom. __________________ Seek simplicity, and distrust it. Alfred North Whitehead


            Thank you very much. This is a wonderful reply. Please more explain about media semiconductors.


              The pipeline will couple to the EMF above. You may need to decouple the pipeline from the field to prevent pipeline corrosion. You may need to bond this pipeline to others nearby if the have an active cathodic protection. “http://web.nace.org/content/Publications/MP/2001/0108024.pdf

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