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    امروزه تأثیر سوء میدانهای مغناطیسی ناشی از حاملهای جریان الکتریکی بر سلامتی انسان مورد اتفاق پژهشگران است. تعیین حد شدت میدان خطرناک همچنان در دست بحث و بررسی است اما برخی سازمانهای بین المللی حد ماکزییم 100 میکرو تسلا برای شدت میدان مغناطیسی خطرناک را مطرح نموده اند. شدت میدان حاصل از یک المان جریان متناسب با شدت جریان عبوری و معکوس توان دوم فاصله از آن تغییر می نماید. بنابراین برای خطوط انتقال مختلف با ظرفیتهای جریان دهی متفاوت می باید فواصل مجاز اختصاصی تعریف شود. Magnetic fields can disturb electronic equipment. Devices such as computer monitors can be influenced by magnetic-field inductions of ?2 ?T. Furthermore, magnetic fields may also harm biological systems, including human beings, a subject of public discussion. A recommendation of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) states a maximum exposure figure for human organisms of 100 ?T. InGermany, this value has been a legal requirement since 1997. Several countries have recently reduced this limit for power-frequency magnetic fields. In Europe,Switzerland and Italy were the first to establish much lower values. In Switzerland, the maximum magnetic induction for the erection of new systems must be below 1 ?T in buildings, according to NISV. Today some exceptions may be accepted. In Italy, 0.5 ?T has been proposed for residential areas in some regions, with the goal of allowing a maximum of 0.2 ?T for the erection of new systems. This trend suggests that, in the future, electrical power transmission systems with low magnetic fields will become increasingly important. The GIL (Gas-Insulated Transmission Line) uses a solid grounded earthing system, so the return current over the enclosure is almost as high as the current of the conductor. Therefore, the resulting magnetic field outside the GIL is very low.