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محمد سعید جعفرپور

    <p dir=”ltr”>The method employed to reduce the effects of UV (or stabilise) on cables are the addition of stabilisers to the PVC compound. The most common of these are:</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Carbon Black; this absorbs the UV rays to prevent damage to the polymer structure. A cable is regarded as fully UV stable when it contains 2% carbon black, although in practice 0.5% is sufficient to effectively protect the cable sheath. The addition of carbon black at these levels renders the cable black in colour. This regarded as the best method of UV stabilisation in PVC.
    Titanium Dioxide (Ti02); this is a white pigment that can be added to a variety of materials. Typically, 1.5% content of titanium dioxide will cause a PVC compound to be UV stable.
    So what’s the best way of making sure the cable you install is UV stable? The simplest way is to purchase black PVC sheathed cable. PVC cables have a “V” in their material designations – such as V-90HT or 4V-75. If the cable does not have a black outer sheath, check with the manufacturer that it is UV stable.</p>