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Grounding riddle No.6 – Neutral earthing of transformers

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      Is there any potential hazard in bringing the neutral of several 11kV/400V Dyn11 transformers to a common earth bar and then connecting to the earth pits?
      I am a bit concerned if there could be any circulating current between the transformer neutrals or if there could be a chance of raising the potential of star point of any transformer due to an earth fault in some other transformer. Any suggestions in this regard will be highly appreciated.


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        About your concerning ,I think common grounding system is more safe than seperated neutral grounding system.Because in common grounding system the remote dangerous potential (E2) is eliminated.Of course in this case local earthing potantial due to earth fault current can be greater. For details note following diagrams: But in common grounding bus system, remote element current is concentrated to low impedance path of common bus.

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