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Transformer riddle no.8 – Generator Transformer Connection

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      we face a problem that our generator output terminal has a phase sequence U-V-W (clockwise) but the transformer terminals arrangement is W-V-U (anticlockwise) with a vector group Dy-11.
      So my question is that whether it is possible to supply the transformer directly from the generator output which has a clockwise direction of rotation and what will the impact on the transformer vector group.

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        It is important when you want to supply power plant auxiliary system via two different sources. For example in power generation plant with GCB, you need power supply from network for starting systems when related GCB is open. Indeed, your auxiliary electro motors can not operate with both of (u,v,w) and (w,v,u) systems without connection changing.

        R K Mohapatra

          It is possible to change the terminations of the transformer at the time of manufacturing to match that with the Generator . Subsequently the vector group of the transformer will also change . But this transformer can not be connected to Grid or otjhe transforemr in Parallel because of the difference in the vector group . Wherever the requirement is to connect the transformer to Grid , then the terminatio of the generator is to be altered . otherwise 3 no Sigle phase transformer can be put in Bank operation to tell all th eproblems of Vectior Group . – Mohapatra-

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