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Transformer Riddle No.40 – Transformer evaluation

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      How do u choice a Transformer Being a Client?
      How do u choice a Transformer Being a Client?

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        The decision concerning the power transformer choosing will involve selecting the most acceptable combination of commercial, technical and programme aspects. In making this study the objective must be to obtain answers to technical and commercial questions. Technical concerning: – Are there any statements made in the covering letter, descriptive material or tender schedules which suggest that the equipment supplied will not be in accordance with the specification? – Are the impedance values given in the tender schedules in accordance with those specified? Are the impedances on extreme tap positions, including any possible tolerances, within acceptable limits? If zero-sequence impedance is important, is the value offered acceptable? – Has all the specified testing, in particular type testing, been included in the offer? – Has the waiving of any type testing been claimed? If so, is the supporting evidence included and is it acceptable? – Has the tenderer taken due account of any special requirements included in the specification, for example special overloading capability? – Will the transformer fit in the site? – Has the tenderer included for all the specified fittings, marshalling cubicle, valves, anti-vibration mountings, etc.? – Does the pattern of terminations offered comply with the specified requirements with regard to, for example, bushing shed profile, palm configuration, type of cable boxes? – Has the tenderer included all the special descriptive information requested in the enquiry document, for example the measures incorporated to allow for a high level of harmonics in the load, or to cater for frequent severe overloads? – Does the offer meet any specified noise level requirements, including the effect of a noise attenuation enclosure where appropriate? If a noise enclosure will be required, has it been included in the tender price? – Has the tenderer included for all the necessary site work, including delivery and site erection? Occasionally the descriptive material provided by one tenderer can raise questions in relation to the other tenders, for example some of the tenderers might comment that a specified overload duty at 10

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