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Power Generation Riddle No.6 – LPG Generator

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    Robert Allen

      Why doesn't anyone make a single 10MW LPG Generator 900rpm 60hz anymore?
      Why doesn't anyone make a single 10MW LPG Generator 900rpm 60hz anymore?
      I have an LPG Power Plant Project that will link LPG-Generator 10MW-substation-grid line. But the only Generator available in the market is 1.5MW LPG!!! that would mean I would need to synchronize around 5 of this generators just to get 10MW???

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        Generally the brayton cycle is an all-gas cycle, using air and combustion gases directly as the working fluid. It is implemented in the power industry as the combustion gas turbine (CGT). There are other familiar all-gas cycles, such as the Otto and Diesel cycles, but these internal combustion engines are based on piston and cylinder batch-processing of the working fluid, and generally manufactured in sizes too small to be of significance in large power systems. The diesel engines can be used for electrical power generation in capacities from 100 to 5000 H.P. Please note to some production of one manufacturer as following: 1-Powerland 6500-watt LPG Electric Start Generator Keep the lights on, the water hot, the fridge cold and the TV tuned in. In a power outage, we make it easy to reap the many practical benefits of your Powerland LPG 6500 W Portable Generator. The generator comes with everything you need to get started: never-flat wheels and a high leverage handle for easy mobility; and electric start for easy one touch starting (battery included). 2-Powerland PDPL10000E Dual Fuel Generator 10000W 16 HP/Electric Start This Powerland dual gas generator features a kit for use of gasoline or LPG (propane) fuel. This generator is a perfect power supply system for a house, construction site or workshop. Dual fuel: Gasoline or LPG (propane) Durable 16.0 Hp, air cooled OHV engine with low oil shutoff and electric start Heavy-duty steel frame with four-point fully isolated motor mounts for smooth and quiet operation. Full power panel with oil warning light, key start switch, volt meter, circuit breaker and power outlets. Wheel kit with front handle for easy transporting. Low oil shut-off protects engine. Super quiet muffler reduces engine noise.

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