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Wiring Riddle No.7 – Cable Size

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    Khalid Ameen

      What is the suitable cable size in mmsq or AWG to hook up a generator to my home?···
      I want to hook up a portable generator to my house in case of utility power outage. The lodas are 4 Air conditioners each of 1Ton (6.8Amp), 12 electrical fans, 2 Refrigerators, and 20 lamps eah of 60Watt.
      The generator is single phase, 220V, the rated current is 36Amps, 50Hz, max.power is 8000 watt and the rated power is 6500 watt. .
      What will be the suitable cable size required to connect this generator to the home wiring through a disconnect switch? And what is maximum A/Cs to be running at the same time? in otherwords, what are the appliances to be runnig at the same time?

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        Obviously your important challenge is good load demand estimation for cable sizing. The important step in the planning of low-voltage switchgear installations consists of drawing up a power balance for each distribution point. Here, one needs to consider the following:

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